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Tom Brokaw is a comforting presence as an analyst: He's been involved in every NBC election night since 1968.

As in the past, NBC is dressing up New York's Rockefeller Plaza, with the front of its headquarters lighting up in red and blue to mark the electoral progress of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and a map of the United States superimposed on the famed skating rink.

CBS is mounting a competitive morning-news program for the first time, perhaps, since the network bumped “Captain Kangaroo” off the air in 1982.

And then there are new digital information sources that are capturing the interest of a raft of viewers who in a different era might migrate more readily to “GMA’ and its brethren. ‘Good Morning America’: Morning News Race Heats Up TV’s Fiercest Duel “We are trying to come up with really smart, innovative, non-shticky ways of telling stories,” said Lara Spencer, who co-anchors “GMA” along with Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

She created HGTV show “Flea Market Flip,” heading into its seventh season, and produced the network’s “I Brake for Yard Sales.” The source said, “Lara knows she’s out.

She has ‘Flea Market Flip’ — and she’s going to go back to that world. Michael’s the star.” “GMA” spokeswoman Heather Riley insisted that Strahan isn’t being groomed for Stephanopoulos’ seat. Of course George will be focused on politics, and no one is being groomed to take his place.

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Andrea Mitchell will report live from the Clinton campaign headquarters, with Katy Tur doing the same at Trump's.

Instead, Michael will be appearing more while George focuses on politics and hard news.” Strahan joins full time in September. Amy does the news well, and they need a newscaster.

But Lara does human interest stories and entertainment, like Britney Spears or ‘a cat in a tree’ and ‘my favorite pickle! He does not want to do gun violence.” This month, Spencer signed a production deal with Leftfield Entertainment to create and produce projects.

“Over the last five years, the story count has probably gone up by a third,” he said.

“We are getting as much in front of our viewers as we possibly can.” In days to come, fans can expect to see scoops and stunts that producers hope will lure people who might otherwise head for the smartphone screen.

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Among their observations: Pelley: "Our job is unchanged.

Sources say Lara Spencer could soon be out, while George Stephanopoulos will focus more on politics as Strahan slides into a lead anchor role.

The move is the latest salvo in the morning ratings war with NBC rival “Today.” ABC bosses strongly deny there are big cast moves afoot, but given the debacle of Strahan’s leaving “Live With Kelly,” they don’t have the best track record about being upfront with their talent plans.

“There are big changes coming to ‘GMA,’ ” an insider said.

“Lara could be out, and George will be seen less at the main anchor desk with Robin Roberts. Michael doesn’t want to do news — he’s not going to cover Libya or Brexit.