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Aion: Ascension is a powerful combination of its Free business model, and the anticipated 3.0 update.

Aion: Ascension introduces new and existing players to refined starting areas and mid-level zones and advanced content for the more experienced Aion player base with no subscriptions, no account tiers and no purchase requirements.

Take aim with the mobile and fast-shooting Gunslinger or inspire your allies and dazzle your foes with the music of the powerful Songweaver!

Aion: Ascension is a free to play visually stunning 3D MMORPG where your character wields devastating powers and sweeping wings to explore a celestial world of breath-taking beauty and epic adventure.

Humans fled before their devastating might and hid within enclaves while other species were wiped out.

These reports simplify complex information that would normally be scattered throughout multiple sources, and save valuable time and resources by eliminating cumbersome re-keying or downloading of data.But Aion seeing as gods do, that the world may need protection and rule created a race of very powerful beings called the draken.But the draken became very quickly enamored of their power and sought to decimate other intelligent beings and control the world by force.Beritra, the Dragon Lord who betrayed Tiamat, has gained control of her dark secret- one that could unlock a weapon of immense magnitude and return the upper hand to the Balaur!” For the first time since its launch, Aion brings you new classes!It features cutting-edge imagery, gorgeous environments, and a unique fantasy world.Your character plays a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, where the enemy is not only the other player faction but a deadly ancient evil as well.The Atreian Atlas features informative videos about instances (game dungeons) and also provides an in-depth map for each mission to help you complete it.It also rewards you with cool and useful items when you complete each of its missions! Even if you created a character before the introduction of the Atreian Atlas, you can still use it and receive mission rewards.Atlas provides a journal feature to simplify interaction with your Dynamics 365 system.Journals are validated and inserted using the same mechanisms you’d use in AX directly.