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Buddhist guide to dating

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Sunada doesn’t see these ideas as contradictory, and explores what an enlightened relationship might look like. If he were to die tomorrow, of course I would be devastated.

After some time we all do heal, and more often than not, we once again strive to reopen our heart.We all have our own ways of reacting to a break up.Some people like to aggressively drink, some like to have rebound hook ups, others like to hide out in their bed and ignore the fact that their lover is no longer with them.Emotions don't have to be riptides we get lost in; they can wash over us like waves. The more you allow the emotions you are currently feeling to rise up, without kicking and screaming against them, the more refreshed you will feel when they pass. Is it the same sort of love that existed when you first started dating?If you still feel love for your ex, then let that love wash over you. If the primary thing you are feeling is love for your ex, then love your ex. Is it the same love that existed when you got into that all-night fight and you crashed on the couch?One of the best ways to see compassion in action is through the example of engaging it in our romantic and sexual relationships.We can use the lessons we learn in these relationships and apply them to all of our interactions. You likely have touched your tender soft spot, what in Sanskrit is referred to as your , when you opened your heart to someone else and were ultimately disappointed.While any student of Buddhism may quote to you that the reality of impermanence is a bitch, it's a whole other thing to feel the loss of a relationship. If you have been with someone for months, or even years, and they simply disappear from your life, it can leave an empty hole which is hard to fill.I think Sid's first piece of advice would be to treat yourself with incredible gentleness and take the time you need to mourn the loss of your relationship.Cynthia Kane, 35, wasn’t always as happy as she is today.Now a successful writer and mindfulness coach, she bears an easy air of gracious self-possession.