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If you create marketing material for the web or onscreen communications, use the high-resolution scalable artwork in SVG format.toward the alien ring world known as Halo, the vehicles and spacecraft of Halo have featured heavily in the plot, setting and cinematic of Bungie's masterpiece series. But with Kevin Garnett, the way hes playing, youve seen some of the stats. Once you get your knee drained it takes a while for it to effectively heal. Which were comfortable doing, but now its like you dont have a weaker Boston team or a weaker Orlando team or stuff like that. A lot of people compare it to Christmas morning No, its like going back to school. Our Big Three is just trying to get back in sync with each other because we haven't played together since April 2. The key to a great marketing campaign is clear and effective messaging.Written approval from Apple is required for materials used in: 1.1 Badge Artwork Use only the badge artwork provided by Apple.Never create your own Apple Music badge or change the artwork in any way.

Marketing materials don’t usually require approval by Apple, but there are a few exceptions.

If you still have questions, post them in the #Help forums.

If you encounter an issue with your Age of Triumph T-Shirt order, please visit the T-shirt Guided Support Pageor contact Bungie Store Customer Service.

Use the badge in your email, digital ads, apps, websites, and whenever else you promote your music.

If you use the badge online, you must include a link to Apple Music. The Listen on Apple Music badge is a promise to your audience of a high-quality listening experience.

I am having issues with my Age of Triumph T-shirt Order.

If you are encountering an issue retrieving your code from your profile page after completing your in-game Record Book, consult this Age of Triumph Guided Support.

Join the discussion in the forums, view featured community content, get the latest on news and events from around the world, and connect with other fans.

Quite simply, Gilbert Arenas is the first "blog superstar." Beginning in October 2006, Gilbert started to entertain fans with more than his scoring and jersey tossing on the court, but with an inside look into his whirlwind life with witty insights in his weekly posts on I mean, when you look at that Celtics team, thats a powerful team on paper. So once them guys get their niche, theyre going to be a good team. Those are games where you used to say, OK, we can make up ground on these games, and those games just arent out there anymore. All the players that fans give up on and say that they dont love the game anymore, they still love it on Opening Night. Mike Wise did another great job capturing the basketball side of my life coming into this league. I sat out last night because I drained my knee on Wednesday to get the fluid out. They shot the needle in me to put the numbing medicine in and then they went and drained it and then they put some cortisone in to break up whatever is in there so I can get ready for the season.

To comply with Apple requirements and receive the greatest benefit from your communications, follow these guidelines when promoting Apple Music in marketing communications, including advertising, apps, websites, and printed promotions.

The Listen on Apple Music badge must be used in all marketing communications promoting music content on Apple Music.