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Si Lapu-Lapu, na pinangalanang "Kalipulako" sa Proklamasyon ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas noong 1898, unang naitalang matagumpay na tagapagtanggol ng ating pambansang soberanya laban sa dayuhang (Kastila) mananakop.

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Linguistic and archaeological studies have indicated that two thousand years before the birth of Christ, the remote islands of the Mariana archipelago were settled by people from Southeast Asia.

These people, the ancient ancestors of the archipelago's contemporary Chamorro population, were accomplished horticulturalists, mariners and fishermen who skilfully adapted to an environment made challenging by periodic droughts and powerful tropical storms.

Chamorro cuisine, one of the most popular elements of the festival, will have a strong presence with many food vendors offering favorites such as red rice, chicken kelaguen, and other signature Chamorro dishes.

Guests will be able to enjoy an assortment of beverages as well, including refreshing brews at the festival beer garden.

And post World War II, when Guam was ceded back to the United States, the American administrators of the island continued to impose “no Chamorro” language restrictions in local schools, teaching only English and disciplining students for speaking their indigenous tongue.

Even though these oppressive language policies were progressively lifted, the damage had been done.

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The history of the Chamorro people in this area dates back 4,000 to 4,500 years, when seafaring peoples migrated from Southeast Asia and settled in the Marianas.

The Chamorro were the indigenous population of the Mariana Islands when Magellan first visited Guam in 1521.

It was not until 1668 however that the Jesuits and soldiery set about converting and subduing the islanders.

Subsequent generations were often raised in households where only the oldest family members were fluent.

Lack of exposure made it increasingly difficult to pick up Chamorro as a second language.

Landing on Guam, Magellan’s expedition used the stop to rest and replenish his crew’s food supply.

For reasons not recorded the islanders took items from Magellan’s ship including a small skiff.

Much of what we know about the history of the Chamorro people comes from historical accounts from European expeditions dating back to the sixteenth century.

Stumbled upon by explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, the islands were dubbed “,” a phrase meaning “Islands of Thieves” that stemmed from the explorer’s encounter with the indigenous population.

In fact, San Diego has one of the largest populations of Chamorros that live outside of the Marianas, which makes it the perfect backdrop for celebrating this annual event.

As a major sponsor of the festival, the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) will have a booth where attendees can obtain complimentary information about visiting the USA’s most western frontier in the Pacific.