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Understanding how these illusions work is a key to developing our ability to think spatially.

Spatial concepts come into play whether we are trying to find our way through the streets of a strange town, figure out how to wrap cloth around a body to achieve a fashion idea, envision the inner structures of a complex mechanism or body part, or simply do an accurate drawing of what we see.

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Indeed, this kind of realism was not important for the purposes of visual images in the early Christian era, when figures and landscapes were intended as a kind of generic shorthand for the religious and historical stories being told.

Realistic copies of the material world were not valued; instead, stylized symbols of historical and religious subjects were desired, executed in a strictly traditional way that could be easily recognized by a devout, but illiterate, public.

June 12th, 2016: Small Device C Compiler 3.6.0 released.

A new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, Z180, Rabbit 2000, HC08, STM8 and PIC microprocessors is now available (

This inside a function static variable retains its value during vairous calls.

Two dimensional forms can create the illusion of three dimensional shapes and spaces Whenever we look at a flat surface (a picture, a television screen) and assume we are looking at spaces and objects that have depth, we are accepting a set of visual signals that create an illusion of three dimensional space.

static is the default storage class for global variables.

The two variables below (count and road) both have a static storage class.

register is used to define local variables that should be stored in a register instead of RAM.

Register should only be used for variables that require quick access - such as counters.