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Because all of your web traffic passes through their firewall before it reaches the outside world, it’s an effective block for anyone trying to get to a program or website directly. A VPN bypasses the firewall, because after you make your initial connection (which your ISP can still deny) you have formed a private tunnel between your computer and your VPN’s server.

So when you go to use Skype you’re not going through the firewall at all. The big caveat is that part about “after the initial connection”.

In this article, then, we walk you through all the precautions you should take before handing over an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch to a child.

We cover both semi-permanent changes, for cases where you're handing down an old Apple device to a child to use in perpetuity (this is covered in the first section of the article), and temporary measures to set up when a youngster is merely borrowing the device. | How to set up parental controls on Mac With seven generations of i Pads now available, it's becoming increasingly common to find multiple i Pads in a home, and some of them are being passed on to children.

Select General, then scroll down and select Reset, and then Erase All Contents and Settings. You'll get one last warning: confirm you decision by tapping Erase one last time.

Read more: How to reset/wipe an i Phone or i Pad If you've got a young child, you should take responsibility for selecting apps on their behalf and purchasing and downloading the apps through your own App Store account.

What parental controls and child locks should I set up, and how can I make sure my children don't buy a load of expensive apps and in-app purchases? They're a great way to keep children entertained during the summer holidays, with thousands of apps available for them to enjoy, including games, books and educational apps.

(For more on that, see our roundup of the Best i OS apps for kids.) However, you need to make sure that any device you hand over to your kids is child-friendly, with parental controls and child locks in place to prevent them accessing inappropriate content. There have been a few high-profile incidents where parents were faced with huge App Store bills after their kids unwittingly downloaded apps and in-app purchases (read about 7 of the most insanely expensive in-app purchases), so it's worth taking precautions to ensure that your children aren't able to do the same.