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Viral pneumonia occurs due to aggression of the viral pathogens on the lung structures.Because of the clinical manifestations and the radiologic aspects, viral pneumonia was included in the broad category of atypical pneumonias.Even in these conditions, some series yielded an unidentified causative microorganism in 50-80% of symptomatic patients.The likelihood of identifying a specific viral pathogen is greater in a symptomatic population than in an asymptomatic population (odds ratio, 30).An accurate and early etiologic diagnosis is important because specific therapies are used against certain viruses.differs from nosocomial pneumonia or pneumonia in an immunocompromised host.

Focus of the new guidelines included increasing effectiveness and efficiency of programmes; managing HIV as a chronic health condition; strengthening integration of services promoting human rights and health equity; promoting a family approach to HIV care; and strengthening the HIV continuum of care.Legal Disclaimer: Please do not construe the following as medical advice.If you have a have a medical problem, I suggest you consult your physician or licensed holistic or allopathic healer. World War 1 is over and solders return home carrying the influenza virus within their bodies The first wave of the flu was a typical flu – infecting many, but only killing the very old and the very young.My medical history of recent travel to Israel (as part of my work coordinating global development of focused ultrasound surgery) raised great concern among my doctors.Around the time of my visit, physicians at The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center had reported the world’s first well-documented case of spontaneous plasmid transfer of the Klebsiella Pneumonia carbapenemase (KPC) gene from a deadly gram-negative organism into a patient’s previously uninfected intestinal E.Topics addressed include key principles of antiretroviral therapy (ART); goals of therapy; standard of care; classes of antiretroviral (ARV) agents and their mechanisms of action; ARV agents currently available in Southern Africa, including dose and common adverse drug reactions; indications for starting ART, including CD4 cell count, clinical diagnoses, World Health Organisation stage 3 disease, and serodiscordant couples; starting ART in patients with tuberculosis; starting ART in patients with other opportunistic diseases/infections; patient readiness for ART; ART in primary infection; baseline monitoring; initial ARV regimens for the previously untreated patient; laboratory monitoring for ART efficacy; defining ART failure, including virologic criteria for treatment success or failure and CD4 cell response; indications for changing ART; second-line ART; third-line ART; stopping ART; patients who return after defaulting therapy; drug interactions; ART in special populations, including patients with TB and pregnant patients; NNRTI and PI choice in pregnancy; ARV dosages in renal failure; ART in acute kidney injury; ARV dosages in liver impairment; hepatitis B coinfection; malaria; ARV toxicity monitoring and management; haematological toxicity; hepatotoxicity; hyperlactataemia; dyslipidaemia; lipodystrophy; hypersensitivity; nephrotoxicity; neuropsychiatric toxicity; dysglycaemia; gynaecomastia; immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome; and support and counselling, including ART-related counselling; prophylaxis in patients receiving ART including OI and TB prophylaxis.(less) 2012 update to the 2010 South Africa National Department of Health Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines.coli, conferring total antibiotic resistance on the latter.The terrifying implications for a disastrous pandemic if such an E.coli meningitis, which has less than a one in 10,000,000 annual incidence (1).They were aided by experts at the University of Virginia, Duke, Massachusetts General Hospital and beyond in their efforts to find a cause and force a turnaround in what at first seemed to be an irreversible death-spiral as I failed to respond to triple antibiotics.