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In the Game of Thrones season six finale, Bran finally reached the end of his vision in the Tower of Joy and one half of a long-running theory about Jon Snow's heritage was proven to be correct.

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Send the wrong emoji — or apparently any at all if you're male — and you're as good as gone.The protocol can be daunting, especially to someone new to the game.People would write all kinds of crazy stuff about themselves to try and attract more interest from other members.After a while, this became really tiresome and people realized that the best policy is to be honest. Bragging Rights: Passion Coaching singles from “college-age to the large population of baby-boomers who are looking for a chance at true love,” Julie Spira is publisher and editor-in-chief at Cyber-Dating Expert. These men and women have done all the legwork so users like you can get the best advice there is.

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Your odds are even better on Sundays: Add perusing dating apps into your "easing into the weekday" Sunday night routine. Sunday is the average peak of traffic for Ok Cupid, aka your best chance of striking up a conversation with a potential suitor.

Don't procrastinate: "Messages sent within the first 24 hours are twice as likely to receive a response," said Jean-Marie Mc Grath of Hinge.

The majority of users take up to 2.5 days to start a conversation, however.

Remember that you’re a member of a dating site, he’s a member of a dating site, and chances are everyone is dating multiple people.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking your time in getting to know someone.

We would like to share some insights and tips with you that will make your online dating profile your ally and not your worst enemy.

There used to be a time when everyone lied about online dating.

Despite their name, cowboy dating websites are not just for cowgirls looking for their dreamy cowboy to sweep them off their feet, hoist them up on their steed and ride off into the sunset.

They are a perfect place for every person with a country upbringing to find someone who shares their passion for a certain way of life, regardless of gender.

With the beginning of a new year, we figured there's no better time to ask online dating experts to share their tips for success.

Your odds are good during the winter: According to Lauren O'Reilly of Ok Cupid, people tend to end relationships going into the holidays and want to start fresh in the new year."Everybody starts their New Year's resolution, and a lot of times it's: Get online or go out more, proactive stuff to really meet somebody," said Jess Mc Cann, author of "You Lost Him at Hello: From Dating to 'I Do' — Secrets from One of America's Top Dating Coaches."Pressure from family members during the holidays or wishing they had someone to spend the holidays with encourages people.