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Please make sure that you have already completed Tutorial 1: Building Your First Web Application Project before reviewing this one. NET Pages in a VS 2003 web project have two files associated with them -- one is a file that contains the html and declarative server control markup, and the other is a "code-behind" file that contains the UI logic for the page: Control markup declarations are defined within the file itself.

For example: And corresponding protected field declarations are added in the code-behind class that match the name and type of controls defined within the file. NET does the work of wiring up a reference from this code-behind field declaration to point to the declared control in the file at runtime.

NET Ajax Q1 2009 or later: The instructions below are not applicable if you used the Telerik UI for ASP.

Suggested solution: Restart Visual Studio between the reload one of the two projects It is a good practice to use the Dev variation of the Telerik. It will also ensure you won't get undesired Trial messages when running your project. The good news is that this bug has been fixed in Visual Studio 2008 SP1!Please follow the instructions in the INSTALL file to build and run the program.In the short term, there are a few features that need to be completed before the editor is ready for use: If you are interested in contributing, please contact Michael.Custom tools are components that can be used to transform files from one type to another at design time.For example, a custom tool might be a dataset code generator that reads in an XML Schema (.xsd) file and generates classes in a code file that programmatically exposes its tables and columns.Asp Net Edit is based on the Mozilla Editor, which it hosts in a Gecko# GTK# widget.A custom Mozilla extension allows it to visualise blocks of HTML emitted by ASP.NET, aiming to provide Mono users with a RAD web design tool on Linux. Alternatively it can be hooked into the Mono Develop build by running the top-level Mono Develop configure script using a profile that contains Asp Net Edit. After being developed as a proof-of-concept standalone editor, it now has been integrated into Mono Develop, where it is intended to be part of a complete ASP. Nevertheless, Asp Net Edit can be downloaded as part of the Mono Develop codebase; it is in the extras/Asp Net Edit subdirectory. NET Visual Designer embedded in Mono Develop Prospective users are recommended not to install Asp Net Edit at this early point in development, but to wait for a release to be made.The standalone editor code is still available from the Mono SVN repository, module , or can be viewed online.