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New users don’t show up in the GAL for clients using Outlook 2003 Cached Mode clients, because Outlook uses an Offline Address List (aka “Offline Address Book” or OAB), which is generated once every 24 hours by default [read previous post “New user does not show up in GAL“] In this case there are who did show up in the GAL earlier but have disappeared now.With Diagnostics Logging for .– Default Offline Address List On closer inspection:– The reason these recipients show up in the “All Users” Address List is because that Address List is not part of the OAB – only the Default GAL is, as shown in the screenshot below.In Outlook, select the ‘Tools’ menu and click on ‘E-Mail Accounts’.On the E-Mail Accounts Wizzard dialogue that appears, select ‘Next’.In the dialogue that appears, uncheck ‘Download changes since last send/receive’, make sure that ‘Full Details’ is selected and then select ‘Global Address List’ as the Address Book. By default when you connect an Exchange mailbox to Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 the ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ option is enabled.The Global Address List is a directory of contact information that is stored in a central place called the Exchange Server.

To force the update, do as follows: Click the ‘Tools’ menu, navigate to ‘Send/Receive’ and finally to ‘Download Address Book’.

The Global Address List (GAL) has not updated from Active Directory.

The Microsoft Exchange default is for this to update at 5 AM each morning.

.– The address on the General tab was corrected to match the default email address – [email protected]– The OAB was regenerated, and complete OAB downloaded in the Outlook client. And thus was solved the mystery of the missing recipients.

Note for Mac Users: Mac versions of Outlook do not connect to the Exchange server in the same way as PC versions.

Every time a Mac checks for new mail, it also updates the GAL.

Therefore, there is no need for equivalent instructions for the Mac operating system.

You are unable to see his information in your address book.

It may be that the information from the Exchange server has not yet flowed to your local Outlook program.

If not cached locally, the mail server keeps a file which contains all this data. This allows the user to access mail and contacts while not connected to the Exchange Server.

Local caching, however means that you need to update your Global Address Lists. First things first, lets determine if your Outlook is caching or not.