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Graph search and dating

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Then let’s look at some questions Google, Yelp, and Linked In couldn’t answer but Graph Search can.

First things first, go to and click the button at the bottom to sign up for beta (or begin using it if you already have access).

So they may not appreciate a message out of the blue from a complete stranger.

Then you’re free to start searching for things like: If you’re desperate: Single men in San Francisco If you want a nerd: Single women nearby who Like Star Wars If you need someone your parents will like: Single men in San Francisco Who Went To Harvard Or Stanford If you’re Korean, and your parents say your wife needs to be, too: Single women in San Francisco from Korea Hunting for cougars: Women in San Francisco older than 38 If you want someone kinky: Single women in San Francisco who Like 50 Shades Of Gray If you want to get beat up: My friends’ moms If you’re hungry right now: restaurants nearby that my friends have Liked If you’re a foodie: Restaurants in San Francisco Liked by Culinary Institute Of America graduates If you want to play it safe: Restaurants nearby that I have been to If you want something spicy: Restaurants in New York Liked by people from India If you want to dine like the locals: Restaurants in Paris, France Liked by people from Paris, France Baby photos: Photos of me and my siblings taken before 1990 When your parents were cool: Photos of my parents from 1970 to 1979 A photo collage for your best friend: Photos of me and Drew Olanoff Where you grew up: Photos taken by my friends in my hometown A very good year: Photos from 2012 I Liked A concert going buddy: My friends who live in New York City and who Like Vampire Weekend A night in: My friends nearby who Like Netflix and Arrested Development Hit the club: My friends nearby who Like dancing Who wants to sing some karaoke!?!

Facebook announced plans for a future mobile interface and the inclusion of Instagram photos.

The name refers to the social graph nature of Facebook, which maps the relationships among users.

Other than dating, you can also use Graph Search to find things like people who like tennis and live nearby, sushi restaurants in San Francisco that friends like, and photos before 1990.

If you're not yet aware, Facebook recently added a paid feature for its members to be able to send messages to strangers.

: My friends nearby who’ve visited karaoke places How to pop the question?

: My friends who are married Getting that cavity fixed?

In late September 2013, Facebook announced that it would begin rolling out search for posts and comments as part of Graph Search.

A post on the Facebook Engineering blog explained that the huge amount of post and comment data, coming to a total of 700 TB, meant that developing Graph Search for posts was substantially more challenging than the original Graph Search.

Graph Search operated by use of a search algorithm similar to traditional search engines such as Google.

We have already written about the seamy underbelly of Facebook’s recently rolled-out Graph Search.