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Jscrollpane not updating

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I initially implemented the GUI, which extends JFrame, using a Border Layout: The offending JList was in the West (leftmost) area, and when it grew (after adding a string longer than its initial width), it shrank the JText Area component I have in the Center area. I read that the Center area of a Border Layout cannot be protected from resizing - it fills whatever space is available after all the other components have been rendered - so I experimented with different Layout Managers (Grid Bag Layout and Box Layout) ...

which will be the subject of a future blog post [].

This is just a solution to a problem which I had really. JScroll Pane module jquery mouse wheel scroll was not working in firefox.

Basically I have data to display that comes in from another application in the form of a JPanel with regular updates.

Scrolls the pane so that the specified co-ordinates within the content are at the top left of the viewport.

animate is optional and if not passed then the value of animate Scroll from the settings object this j Scroll Pane was initialised with is used.

HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR_NEVER); and I also tried to set the size of the left pane which contains the buttons to something long and narrow. the content which fits to my monitor display is only visible. do understand that this thread is almost five years old, and is not (really) related to your question. just create a new one, in which you explain what your problem is and your code.

This means you can write: frame.add(child); And the child will be added to the content Pane. I tried: scroll Pane Horizontal Scroll Bar Policy(JScroll Pane. then the frame opens but it won't show the scroll bars.

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- When you add things that change the size of the scrollable component (the "view"), you need to call revalidate() on that component so that it will in turn notify the scroll pane to adjust accordingly. I would like the scrollpane to display objects vertically from top to bottom and not left to right. i want to add one pannel(named Main Panel) created in other class to the frame.In this case I am just trying to add multiple buttons to a JPanel then display the JPanel inside of a JScroll Pane so I can scroll down to see all the buttons. Array List; import javax.swing.border.*; import javax.swing. To get a reference to the API for a particular scrollpane you will need to access the 'jsp' variable in the Once you have a reference to the API you can call any of the following methods on it: Reinitialises the scroll pane (if it's internal dimensions have changed since the last time it was initialised).The settings object which is passed in will override any settings from the previous time it was initialised - if you don't pass any settings then the ones from the previous initialisation will be used. The past couple of days I have been struggling with trying to add JPanels to a JScroll Pane. I am trying to come up with a solution that will allow me to scroll down the JFrame assuming that I have more JPanels that will fit on the screen if that makes sense. Anyhow, the code below is just the JFrame class that I have been trying to get to work. I think I have been on a caffeine high that past couple of days because of this problem. For now, I want to share a solution I developed to a problem with the Java 6 Swing and AWT components I was struggling with over the past few days.The problem was a JList contained within a JScroll Pane contained within a JPanel that was resizing when new String elements added to the JList were longer than its current width.I couldn't manage to get Grid Bag Layout to work and play nicely with my components; Box Layout - using a Box Layout.X_AXIS JPanel for the West, Center and East area components, which was contained inside a Box Layout.