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, which is now available on VOD, playing a mother who has to save her baby from cannibal drug dealers. I had my chains, I went for the throat, didn’t succeed. I think they felt like ending it there was really putting a button on the end of the film. You know, I played a mom in a pilot I did for Lifetime I did a few years ago. I’ll get tweets from people that are like, “I’m re-watching season six. I’ve always wondered in “Once More With Feeling,” the last song “Where Do We Go From Here” fades out as Buffy and Spike leave. Just like the com-plete in the “Under Your Spell” song. It’s still the TV version where it follows Buffy and Spike. Were you ever part of the Shakespeare readings at Joss Whedon’s house? [Laughs] Yes, I was part of the Shakespeare readings. [Laughs] Occasionally you’ll get somebody who says your name first. That was 10 years ago and I think it’s a lot better now. Everything I’ve done I’ve had to do myself, except for kind of came to me through Adam Busch and Jordan Kessler, our producer.
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He joined creator Susan Lacy on stage to discuss his upcoming PBS installment, which will focus on how he helped shape popular culture as an agent, manager, record industry titan, Hollywood and Broadway producer and billionaire philanthropist.PHOTOS: Hollywood Reporter's Philanthropy Issue Steven Spielberg, Barry Diller, Tom Hanks, Arianna Huffington, Rahm Emanuel and the late Nora Ehpron are among the 50-plus who are interviewed for the doc, which includes extensive interview time with Geffen as well.He claims he “had absolutely no input in” in the film.Welcome to my gossip page about who is famous and gay.In fact, he said the only reason he had the confidence to go after a gig as a William Morris agent is because he believed it rewarded a different skill set, and one that he had: the ability to “bullshit on the phone.” Decades later, he’s enjoying his time away from the business – at 69, he said, he doesn’t “want a job” — and noted that he’s content spending weeks at a time lost in books and newspapers.

He says, "I try not to live my life by what other people say.le dedicó un amplio despliegue; poco a poco la noticia que levantó incredulidad, enfado, decepción y hasta euforia militante, va siendo digerida con normalidad: el actor de 29 años Keanu Reeves, famoso por filmes como la boda la celebró un rabino heterodoxo que cree normal unir a dos personas del mismo sexo, en un restaurante de Los Ángeles cerrado al común de los mortales ese día, y entre los testigos del curioso acto, donde no falto aquello de romper un vaso al final de la ceremonia, estaban Liz Taylor, Steve Spielherg y las modelos Cindy Crawford y Claudia Schiffer.Según otra crónica de Hollywood, Keanu Reeves asistió a la boda con chaqueta blanca y pantalón oscuro, mientras David vestía de rigurosa etiqueta negra.“Not that I’m not vain; I’m just not her vain,” he shrugged, adding that the one about him marrying Keanu Reeves – an actor he said he had never met at the time of the report — was similarly untrue. He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.4 years each. Given Name: David Lawrence Geffen Age: 74 (2/21/1943)Occupation: Entertainment - Producer Most Famous For: Created Asylum Records "Shout out to Malika. Dopo anni di lavoro, lasciò l'agenzia per intraprendere l'attività di manager personale, ottenendo subito successi con Laura Nyro e Crosby, Stills and Nash.Mentre era alla ricerca di una casa discografica per l'emergente Jackson Browne, Ahmet Ertegün gli consigliò di fondare una propria casa discografica."I don't think he really lives in that house."Well, up to a month ago he lived there. , he will be described by friends, peers and adversaries as “passionate,” “neurotic” and “giftedly non-diplomatic." Such traits were on display Sunday as the notoriously press-shy billionaire greeted the TV press at the Television Critics Association semiannual press tour.La casa discografica fu in seguito acquistata dalla Warner Communications e fusa con la Elektra Records, diventando nel 1972 Elektra/Asylum Records.Geffen rimase in carica fino al 1975 per poi ottenere la carica di vice presidente degli studios cinematografici Warner Brothers.