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Borgo di Torre Guidaccia – Parco delle Nazioni is located at only 4 km.

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African beliefs and practices are most certainly an influence in Cuba's music.

Polyrhythmic percussion is an inherent part of African life & music, as melody is part of European music.

This is what happened to Laura Hall, a 34-year-old financial adviser from London.

Man swiftly marries subsequent girlfriend, leaving ex mystified and heartbroken.

We’ve all heard — or perhaps experienced — a version of this story: man meets woman, they fall in love, date for a while, move in together. Laura had been living with Douglas for four years when he walked out.

They frame photos, arrange them on the walls, pick out furniture, make a nest. But she puts no pressure on him — he’ll ask when he’s ready, right? ‘I just let the relationship drift on, hoping he’d pop the question in his own time. I was devastated when he left.’ A recent celebrity example that comes to mind is Pippa Middleton.

The music of Cuba, including the instruments and the dances, is mostly of European and African origin.

The great instrumental contribution of the Spanish was their guitar, but even more important was the tradition of European musical notation and techniques of musical composition.

I knew he’d taken the time specifically to go wherever he needed to go to get in touch with me.

Even while I was jealous over how much time she got to spend with him, it still meant that the time carved away just for me, limited as it was, I valued higher than attention paid to me by those who were totally unencumbered.

She further went on to play strong roles in box office successes Deewana Mastana (1997), Yes Boss (1997) and Ishq (1997).

In the 2000s, Chawla began working with independent filmmakers in art-house projects, garnering critical acclaim for her work in Jhankaar Beats (2003), 3 Deewarein (2003), My Brother Nikhil (2005), Bas Ek Pal (2006), I Am (2011), Gulaab Gang (2014) and Chalk n Duster (2016).

That was seven years ago, and in hindsight, I know the attraction was based on personal chemistry, whatever mysterious mix of compatibility and connection any two people can share.

But the other part was the very thing that might have kept other women away: his marriage.

There was no grand future with him—at least, not the happily ever after, introducing him to my friends, building a life together kind of future.

Yet even though there were red flags waving all over the place, I was drawn to him.

In addition to acting, Chawla is a television personality, a humanitarian, and the co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders.

She married the industrialist Jay Mehta in 1995 and has two children with him. In a Baaje Payal (a film based on a collection of interviews for dancers/actresses) interview, she mentioned having learned Kathak for three years and regretted giving it up as it could have helped her in her career as an actress.