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Im the ’80s, it was “unusual”; it’s the kind of name that should be posh, but I wasn’t; and in many TV shows – even now, when there are loads of famous Justins out there – it was a name given to just about any peripheral gay character. Anyway, here they are, click the pic to read the Guardian’s version before I submit my remix. It can get like this, especially if you go on a lot of dates. I often give the straight guys in this date a really hard time for the way they talk to and about their dates so while it’s nice to see Martin being respectful – for maybe a bit dull, I’m sure Almaz can fill us in – I do think that on *this* occasion, there might have been a little more to it than Martin is letting on. Anyway, Almaz doesn’t want to get his hopes up and she’s got that waiter to keep an eye out for so she delivers a 6 which, as we all know because we are not new to this, is a ZERO. Note: Disclaimer: The comments I make are meant to be playful and humorous and are based on the answers the Guardian chooses to publish, which may have been changed by a journalist to make for better copy.

A character movie that grabs your emotions and convictions satisfying to the last second of film.

See more » Near bottom of end credits: The Polly Klaas Foundation wishes to thank Katie Holmes, Karen Leigh Hopkins and the producers of "Miss Meadows" for contributing to the Polly Klaas Foundation Artist in Residence Program - Helping Children to Explore and Engage in the Performing Arts.

See more » Katie Holmes is absolute perfection and so absorbed in the role she becomes the character.

When she notices the deer across the street, she's heading in the opposite direction.

After the deer, she's walking in her original direction again.

But after heading back to work full-time, the freedom to shop in person just isn’t a luxury I enjoy anymore, so I am completely unapologetic about my dependency on online shopping and […] If you thought DIY Batik Shirts were difficult to make – like I did before we tried this new activity – you are so wrong!

Making Glue Resist Batik T-Shirts is actually super easy, super fun, and super cheap, especially if you already have glue and painting supplies handy.

I bought her all kinds of things such as stuffed animals, clothing, and jewelry.

Coon (1991) ,"Can't Buy Me Love: Dating, Money, and Gifts", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 18, eds. I had an overwhelming desire to shower the girl with gifts.

It’s like walking into a hotel and seeing the guy behind reception scratch his armpit with a room key and knowing, just , you’ll hate your room and the ensuite will be tiny and one of the taps won’t work. I’m not sure what Martin did to warrant such a lowly score so this is either Almaz’s revenge for untold Christmases enduring or she wants to leave no room for doubt – she did not enjoy this date. And Cliff Richard probably is a dealbreaker – but wow.

You go through the motions and allow yourself to be shown up to it, knowing in 15 minutes you’ll be placing a hysterical phone call to that very same receptionist and demanding a change. I have fallen into this trap a few times over the years and have managed to bang precisely zero waiters – OK, well actually one, once, but that was different. Thankfully she has one more question to really hammer this home. Get in touch if you want to give us your side of the story.