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My daughter is dating a girl

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Whether you've felt that before or not, the answer's the same.

Give your child not what you want to give, but what she actually needs.

I was asking advice the other day on here about letting her go to a dance with a junior (a boy) and now I hear this.

The reliable source told me she wanted to talk to me and I asked what it was about.

I just got a text saying this from a reliable source.

I have to talk with her after school and find out what's really going on.

I feel like I've been traded to a team I never wanted to play for. It's for real until she tells you it isn't, and that's true whether your daughter's gay, bi, bi-curious, too lonely for words, fulfilled in ways that escaped your radar, or straight and dating a man named Melissa.

Adapt this to each situation accordingly and when in doubt, ask. to current events because they involve your daughter sounds like a development worth embracing.

In fact, why not get into full January-renewal mode and consider what other views you might reconsider, revise and relaunch if you suddenly had a personal stake? " Not in one unbroken stream, of course, unless you want to make sure you never hear about new loves again. My sister is in her 20s and has never brought a boy home. I don't care, but I don't know if it's appropriate for me to ask her.

As soon as they realized I was standing there, they got nervous and embarrassed and the other girl got out of bed and started getting dressed. She was embarrassed and spent most of her time locked in her room.

Unable to deal with the situation in front of me, I ran downstairs in a fit of rage, locked myself in the bathroom, had a nervous break down and passed out on the floor. During the next weeks, I avoided my daughter at all costs. I spent most of my time locked in my room as well, cursing her. Cursing god (even though I don't believe, I had no one else to blame).

That day my hopes, my dreams, my vision of the future died.

That day I realized my only child, the beautiful, brown haired girl I gave birth to sixteen years prior, who I thought I knew, was something I could never imagine.

Dance years experience in the media with the goal to find partner and great father to my month old son who don’t want to sound.

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I am also wondering if it's to make me want to say yes about going with the boy to the dance as another poster suggested.

I would be sad that she was going to have a little harder of a life, (if she wanted to marry, or have kids, prejudices...) but I would be happy she found herself and was happy with it and would fully support her.