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Querying and updating active directory using c

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To do this, use the sp_addlinkedsrvlogin System Stored Procedure.In the following example, there are several arguments that are used with the sp_addlinkedsrvlogin System Stored Procedure: After you have created a linked server, use an OPENQUERY statement to send a query to the Directory Service.The OLE DB Provider supports two command dialects, LDAP and SQL, to access the directory service and return results in a tabular form that can be queried with SQL Server distributed queries.

Whatever the reason, you may find that at some point you need to either purchase additional software for managing AD or write your own.If you work in the kind of large institution that I do and are using Microsoft Active Directory then the chances are that at certain times you will need to perform actions on the directory that are outside the scope of the MSAD tools.This could be things like specialised queries, bulk account creation or mass updates of user information.For SQL Server–authenticated logins, you can configure suitable logins and passwords for connecting to the directory service by using the sp_addlinkedsrvlogin System Stored Procedure.If you prefer to use a SQL Server–authenticated login rather than Windows Authentication, add a login to the linked server (see the previous section).In the following example, note that there are several arguments used with the sp_addlinkedserver System Stored Procedure: For Windows-authenticated logins, the self-mapping is sufficient to access the directory with SQL Server Security Delegation.Because the self-mapping is created by default for linked servers created through sp_addlinkedserver, no other login mapping is necessary.This is an incredibly useful tool to see the properties for a user and their values: Note: You can install LDP to another server, such as a Share Point web front end, by adding the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services role to a Windows Server 2008 instance.This can be useful in troubleshooting connectivity from a Share Point web front end to the domain controller, allowing you to query the DC from the web front end as the same user account that is running user profile imports.You need to have a decent grasp on the basics of LDAP to effectively configure and troubleshoot problems with user profile imports.I’ll admit, this is an area that I used to be very weak in, but it is not at all difficult to ramp up and become proficient.