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Illustrated throughout with coin images, the book is a particularly handy reference for a beginner to take to a museum with an ancient Mediterranean coin exhibit. ROMAN PROVINCIAL COINS IN GREEK-SPEAKING PROVINCES (also called Greek Imperials) 1. Berk (1986) Black line drawings make attribution of bronzes easy with this useful book available for under .Part I "An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins" begins with maps and helpful black line drawings of the Greek minting process. It is a worthy prelude to purchasing the much more expensive Sear reference work. Coins provide a rich source of information for understanding the economy and society of the ancient world, but are sometimes avoided by historians because of the difficulties associated with their interpretation.This teaching module is designed to help instructors teach their students about the value of ancient coins in Roman society in three sections: A) Reading & Understanding Images B) Legends, Titles & Dating C) Mint Marks.Later Parthico was added for his campaign against Parthia.PM - PONTIFEX MAXIMUS - Highest priest of the Roman religion.The following is a "getting started" bibliography for ancient Mediterranean coins.ACE hopes that you will have the good fortune to find some of these already on the shelf in your college library.

Due to financial necessity, gold coins (aurei) were also minted, a rare event not to be repeated until the 1st century BCE. denarii), a coin that would be the principal silver coin of Rome until the 3rd century CE.This booklist is taken from the author's database covering his own collection.It is by no means an exhaustive list of books on the subject!You may also be interested works listed on the "Bibliography for Younger Audiences" (ACE CD), particularly if you are in pursuit of introductory discussions of coins accompanied by lots of images. Carson (Harper Collins,) "This is not a book specifically about ancients, but it is probably the best, most accessible overview of coinage in general from the earliest days until 1962.Prices are listed for some works, but the books are often available for less through on-line sales. The book is long out of print and not particularly easy to find, but it is a wonderful introduction to the entire field.For example, no mention is made in the listing of the multitude of BMC volumes.The British Museum published catalogs of and data about the coins in their collection in hardbound reference volumes that were illustrated with the highest quality David Sear is the standard reference used by dealers and collectors all over the world. 498, 22 years after the traditional date given for the Fall in the West.Organized chronologically by emperor, then by major type and then by reverse legend, Sear makes it quite easy to find a particular coin if you have done some basic inentification (or reasonable guessing). Most auction catalogs and dealer's fixed price lists list coins according to Sear number or variant on a type listed in Sear.Roman coinage, as in other societies, represented a guaranteed and widely recognised value which permitted an easy exchange of value which in turn drove both commerce and technology development as all classes could work to own coins which could be spent on all manner of goods and services.Even more significantly, large and identical payments could now be easily made which made possible a whole new scale of commercial activity.