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The singer is just captivated by Chris’ relationship with his daughter Royalty, 1.

An insider revealed that Rihanna loves hearing about Chris’ relationship with his daughter. She’s heard all about how much he loves his daughter and she wants to witness that,” an insider told us exclusively.

I’m watching a video of 12 of the most famous people on the planet naked in bed together. “Matthew Barney is my Jesus,” he said, referring to the artist known for his use of living sculptures in works like .

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A., now reflected, “Maybe in some alternative universe me and George Bush could have been friends. Since then West and Swift have been trading public barbs on how much he discussed it with her in advance, but West now refuses to be drawn further on the issue.

Rumors were swirling that Kim had seen tabloid pictures of Kanye and Rihanna leaving a hotel together and was furious. Kanye and Rihanna have actually been close friends for years.

In fact, Rihanna and Kanye collaborated on their hit song “Four Five Seconds” just last year.

If Chris and Rihanna decide to rekindle their past romance, maybe it’ll be different for the duo this time around. Is Kanye right for voicing his opinion about Rihanna and Chris or should he stay out of her personal life?

Rihanna has remained notoriously private despite her superstar status, but in a new spread for Interview magazine the singer finally gets personal, opening up to Kanye West about her vulnerabilities, how she feels about being a sex symbol, and when she plans to have kids. Rihanna also talked about the first time she met and auditioned for Jay-Z, a nerve-wracking experience for the then-unknown.

“That’s a side of Chris she hasn’t really seen and man, she wants to.

To her, there’s nothing sexier or more attractive than a man who adores his daughter.” That’s so sweet.

Are Kim Kardashian and Rihanna in a feud over Kanye West? Rumors have been swirling that Kim’s jealous of Kanye West’s friendship with Rihanna and that she banned him from talking to her. Rihanna and Kanye have been close for years, but a new report claims that Kanye and Rihanna have been flirting and that Kim gets “jealous and threatened” every time Rihanna’s around Kanye.

A new report claims that Kim's jealous of Rihanna and Kanye's friendship and that she banned him from speaking to her. She’s allegedly worried that Rihanna will wind up stealing Kanye from her.

Instead I’m looking at it via Skype, with the person on the other end of the line pointing the camera at a laptop screen on which the footage is playing. As the camera’s ghostly night-vision lens pans slowly, hypnotically over the mostly sleeping bodies, their identities are revealed as follows: George W. But here he raises those expectations only to confound them.

But, if you’ll excuse the expression, this is his most naked attempt to raise the music video to the level of an art piece.