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Sexual purity when dating after divorce

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Try to put it out of my mind a thousand times a day? There are thousands of believers who struggle in this area. Sex was His idea in the first place, and He calls what He created "good." He gave us marriage so that we would have the freedom to enjoy and celebrate our sexuality in the most healthy and satisfying way. Or those who have married, only to lose our spouse to death or divorce?

How can I have a relationship with God if He makes impossible demands of me and threatens me with judgment if I fail? What about married couples who are separated for long periods of time or whose physical intimacy is ended by the illness or incapacity of one partner?

Some Christian leaders feel that since Scripture is silent on the subject of masturbation, we should be too.

They are just simply having sex with each other every time they get together, and that’s the central part of their lives.

We perhaps never paid our own bills or worked outside the home.

For some of us, we had no idea what it was like to live on our own.

Feeling as if something or someone has died takes most divorcees by surprise, especially if their marriages were difficult.

But despite those differences, there are some similarities across the board.

However, every time we try to stay pure we end up slipping up.

What makes matters worse is that I am currently four hours away at school and every time we see each after being apart a week or two (even when we have had full intentions of not being sexual) we end up falling into our old habits.

By contrast, Jesus was called the "Truth." Throughout the Gospels, He began His teaching with this phrase: "I tell you the truth." In my work in the area of sexuality, I see that Christians are very confused.

They are living bound by lies and making choices out of confusion.

Editor's Note: In the March/April issue, we featured a special collection of articles on Christian singleness and sexual purity.

The topic raised many interesting and sensitive questions from our readers, including the first one below. As a Christian single, I accept that celibacy is what God requires of me. I've been told that masturbation— while not specifically forbidden in Scripture —is a sin, because I'm supposed to "keep my thoughts pure." Am I supposed to pretend my sexuality doesn't exist?