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Sims 2 nightlife dating game

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The goal of this study was to scientifically measure players’ personalities and values and find how these characteristics relate to gameplay in The Sims 2. Hypothesis 1: Personality characteristics will relate to gameplay; for example, participants who are organized will manage their Sims’ time more efficiently, and participants who are extroverted will make their Sims more socially oriented.Hypothesis 2: Participants will pass their personal values to their Sims; for example, participants who place high value on wealth in their own lives will create Sims who earn high incomes.The most recent expansion for Sims 2 is "Nightlife".This out-and-about addition incorporates much of the "Hot Date" material from the original game, with a generous helping of extras. He plans to continue conducting computer game research within the field of psychology in a graduate university setting in the near future.

This article will help your Sim find a mate to spend loads of time with and be happy.As your Sims' family grows, you'll see them pass on genes from one generation to the next.The Sims 2: Deluxe also contains The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack and a bonus DVD.Enjoy all the fun and creativity of The Sims 2 in The Sims 2 Deluxe.Create your own houses, neighborhoods, Sims, and family dynasties-then watch it all come to life!Will your Sims experience the rewards of a life well lived?Or will you choose to neglect their needs, indulge their fears, and see what happens?Afterwards, participants completed a questionnaire that asked detailed questions on how they played the game.Results indicate personality traits such as neuroticism, openness to experience and conscientiousness, values such as wealth and creativity and other characteristics correlated with specific gameplay behaviours.- die Heuratsvermittlerin: Sie verkauft dir Liebestrnke und das Gegenmittel gegen Vampirismus und besorgt dir auf Bezahlung Blind-Dates, die, je nachdem wie viel zu zahlst, mehr oder weinger gut sind. Endlich kannst du mit deinem eigenen schicken Sportflitzer zur Arbeit fahren, oder deine Familie mit einem schicken Family-Van zu einem Ausflug karren.-Vampire: Vermutlich das Unterhaltsamste an dieser Erweiterungen. Du kannst Vampire kennen lernen, selbst einer werden und andere Leute beien.