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Although he others were great and all (especailly the cutness in the associate and dedaria one.... *(cough*justprobablynotforgivetobi...iwouldkill him O_O *cough*) Anyways~! I don't even know anything about the Akatsuki leaving." He points out. “I did knock.” He smirks at your startled reaction to seeing him, not picking up on how distracted you were. " He finishes happily."Tobi..." You start to say before looking down at the floor sadly. "I will only have more trouble getting away later." The rest of Akatsuki are a good distance away now, and to your surprise, it looks like they really haven't noticed this discussion."Can't I get ready first? Sasori does not look too impressed with your apparent enthusiasm."I thought you wanted us to be together as long as possible." He begins his disagreement.
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