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The Board of Stewards received a Prairie Meadows Security Incident Report dated 6/1/2017 stating on 6/1/2017 Pony Rider/Groom Michael Wessels committed a second violation of Prairie Meadows Alcohol Policy (section IV B), and therefore is prohibited from participating in Prairie Meadows racing program. Wessels is unable to exercise the privileges of his IRGC licenses, any and all IRGC licenses issued to Michael Wessels are hereby rescinded. In the absence of substantial evidence to the contrary, the trainer is responsible. Ruling Text: RE: 17-WRD-014A - Case Continued OWNER/TRAINER STACEY LANE CAPPS COMES BEFORE THE WRD BOARD OF STEWARDS FOR THE COMPLAINT AGAINST HER AFTER BEING NOTIFIED OF A HEARING SCHEDULED AT WRD.
When a viewer phoned in and asked the actress and comedian why she thought Ne Ne had such a bad time, Goldberg responded first by saying that she had no clue the "Real Housewives" star felt that way, before adding, "Really, Ne Ne?