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(c) Your Customer Contract will commence upon our acceptance of your Application Form or when we commence providing the Services to you, whichever happens first. The Services (a) We will provide to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, licence for the Services subject to the terms of your Customer Contract.(b) We may provide the Services using such facilities and such Carrier as we choose from time to time. Exclusive or Preferred Supplier If your Application Form states: (a) that we are to be your preferred supplier then you must not engage a third party to provide to you more than 10% of your total requirements for the Messaging Services or services substantially similar to the Messaging Services; or (b) that we are to be your exclusive supplier then you must not engage a third party to provide to you any Messaging Services or services substantially similar to the Messaging Services.

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Your Customer Contract comprises, in order of precedence from highest to lowest: (i) your Application Form; (ii) the terms of your Plan; (iii) these Customer Terms; (iv) if we are supplying Design Services to you, Part B; and (v) if you are a Reseller, Part C.Bulk aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in Australia to quickly deploy any SMS service.This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM.With more and more businesses in Australia realising the potential and ROI of SMS marketing it's a great time to offer this service to your customers.Our SMS Reseller packages are easy to set-up and rebrand as your own.This way you can’t go wrong with impressing your customers with your acquired foresight.This streamlined reminder service helps customers remember their appointment dates by sending them messages prior to the appointment.(c) When your Prepaid Entitlements are used up we may cease providing Service.We are not responsible for the consequences of Service ceasing. Automatic Top Ups for Prepaid Plans (a) Unless you have elected otherwise (by unchecking the appropriate box in your Application Form indicating you do not wish to top up the balance of your Periodic Entitlements automatically) the automatic top up feature will be enabled.Immediately see every reply in your account, or have them immediately forwarded to your email address so they are never missed.Request defined replies from customers, prospects or staff and respond appropriately based on their reply.