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Mineral King is an alpine glacial basin encompassing an area of more than 400 acres and is the headwaters for the East Fork of the Kaweah River.

Sully erna dating

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Sully has began the writing process for the next Godsmack album and is currently in Florida writing with Shannon & Tony.

Zac Maloy came in with this idea, and we worked on it, and we were talking about the lyrical content: what does it actually mean, having “a different kind of tears?

” We started relating it, once again, back to our children and those teenage years and when you’re going through your first heartbreak and those kind of things that when you’re a kid you’re like, “You don’t get it, you don’t understand, you don’t ever understand.” Of course, as adults we’ve been through it so much that we know when it happens, it’s: “Okay, this is gonna suck, but it’s gonna be a process, it’s gonna take some time to heal or whatever.” Where they’re like: “It’s the end of my life, and everything’s horrible, and it’s always gonna be pain!

As a matter of fact, “Different Kind of Tears” is very “country” sounding.

Well, that song certainly has that country flair to it.

We're gonna kind of base it around the theme of the first record.

We're even talking about coming out and doing the first record front to back to open the show — set up the staging a little bit more old school and stuff like that, and then kind of morph it into the back half of the set, which would be all the hits and the solo and some of the new stuff." But now, in a brand new interview with the 93X radio station conducted at this past weekend's Northern Invasion festival in Somerset, Wisconsin, Erna said that no concrete plans have yet been made regarding GODSMACK playing its first LP in its entirety.

Sully Erna says that GODSMACK is "not making any promises" regarding its previously announced plans to commemorate the band's 20th anniversary in 2018 with a massive world tour that could feature the group playing its self-titled 1998 debut disc live from start to finish.

Back in March, Erna told Houston radio station 94.5 FM about GODSMACK's upcoming tour: "We're gonna do a massive production.

Then some of the band members (mainly the singer) and Erna didn't get along, and he was booted out. In Godsmack concerts he plays the bongos and a large drum set, staging a drumming duel known as Batalla de los Tambores with drummer Shannon Larkin.

This battle has become a staple of the band's live show.