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Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei.
It's rather like living with a divorced couple, one of whom is now madly dating younger people, while the other one seethes with resentment. His first drawing was of a huge tree with roots and a house built into the trunk, with a person sitting on a branch & waving.

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vadi deggara Rohini ki entho istamin bra bed kinda unindhi.

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Tanu balcony lo aresinapudu, gali ki egiripoyindi anukunamu, kani adi vadi degara undatam chusi ascharya poyanu. Mali poduna lese sariki tana inner bathroom door ke vundi, Vivek baga home work chestuandu.. kani edo okati alochistanu inkoni rojulu ikade unte problem ledu kada neeku? Vivek ni bra, inner tho em chesado…..okasari nuvu vaditho padukunte.. Vadi korika kuda tertundhi kada R: inka aapu Vishal…

Clean cheydaniki vachina Rohini kuda na chetilo una bra ni chusi ekada unindhi ani adigindi. Daani meedha una marakala nu chusi, tanu nanu laakoni poyi “Vishal em jarugutundhi, asalu, ni friend em chestunadu asalu? aroju vadu twaraga lesi, nenu nilabadi una balcony lo ki vachadu. Vivek (Vi): nuvu naku chesindaniki antha thanks Vishal Nenu (N): nenu em chesanu ra.. N: ohh common ra, naku kopam tepiyadhu, neku eni rojulu kavalo ani rojulu undu Nenu office ki veli vastanu Vi: see u buddy Aroju ratri Vishal (V): Rohini, Vivek viraham tho unnadu, vadiki chala sex kavali anukunta Rohini ® : avunu, nenu chustunanu kada V: vadiki kavalsindhi dorikite, velipothadu anukunta R: ante? nenu chepedi jagrata ga vinu R: sare V: Vivek ki nuvu oka daanive help cheyagalavu R: (kopam tho) em antunav Vishal? na pellam ni na best friend pakkalo paduko ani cheptuna R: shut up idiot V: kopam vadh…

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