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Trend micro smart scan agent pattern not updating

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Pls check my previous blogs for the Trend Micro Deep Security 9.5 on the below topics and in this blog we will see the installation of Smart Scanning Protection Server – SSP Server and its function. Deep Security Smart Protection Server Deep Security Relay is there to allow the Deep Security Manager to see what components are available for download from the Trend Micro Active Update site, whenever you trigger a component update in Deep Security Manager, the Deep Security Relay is the one responsible for carrying out the download activities.

The downloaded files are stored in the Deep Security Relay.

There is a feature called “Web Reputation” which is used by the DSVA.

When someone tries to access a URL on the VM, the rating of that URL is checked by the DSVA first. To check the rating of the URL, DSVA has to send that query to the Smart Protection Server.

The beta looked okay, but I`m really curious whether or not they managed to fix some of those performance issues.

When you install any of the Linux products, you will be prompted for three items, one of which is the activation key.

You will need to open a ticket with the EITS Help Desk to get this key.

So, just some thoughts about Trend Micro Office Scan 10. E.g.: Extracting a Windows XP cd (from an ISO file) takes at least 50% more time with Office Scan 10 (using Winrar).

Its been some months now, since the GM build release of Office Scan 10. This is with conventional scan mode, I get about the same results with Smart Scan, but you can’t really compare it, since its not cached.

The Smart Scan Pattern file is a cloud pattern that resides on the internet on our Smart Protection Network or locally via a Standalone Smart Protection Server.

Like the Relay server we can have the separate Smart Protection Server in each location.

If what I’m seeing is correct, the impact on the network is really low. Because its really complicated to install it after you`ve finished the installation of the Office Scan server.

Sending those hashes back and fourth doesn’t consume that much bandwidth. And just one last tip: When you install Office Scan 10, install the integrated scan server. Just install it, and remove it from the list of scan servers in the GUI.

The other two items are: Trend Micro Office Scan is currently licensed for UGA-owned computers.

Our license allows for IT departments to set up their own Office Scan servers if they so desire, and to enable additional features that may not be installed by default in the campus-wide service.