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The reality of online dating is that everybody is trying to punch above their weight!
"I wrote him a quick little note that I had read his profile, and then I signed off, Happy SAD Day – that's Single Awareness Day," says Essence, 37.

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While regional truckers do stay closer to home, to make the big bucks, most truck drivers go "over the road" -- which means that they'll drive across state lines for weeks at a time.The money is what lead my boyfriend into trucking, but he must sacrifice time away from home in order to make such financial gains, which is challenging for a couple in love.The 2 hours per day quota certainly goes out the window if you’re a long haul trucker, and the 15 hour per week rule is a challenge too.Strive for this goal even though it isn’t always possible Plan for dates with each other.If only there were a dating site specifically for truckers…Someone recently tipped me off to Trucker, a dating website for truckers.

Experts say happy couples get 2 hours per day and no less than 15 hours per week, total alone hours.Technology has made dating a little bit easier for everybody, including truckers.It’s hard to tell who is down with the trucking lifestyle on any given dating website.The truck driver’s life style is quite different from other people so the problems which you will be facing while dating them can be very challenging.A life of a truck driver is not a glamorous life full of fantasies but it is based on the practicalities.Simply meeting up for dinner and a movie isn’t possible, obviously, but it's important to keep the romance alive while they're on the road.By incorporating alternative technology, you'll free up phone lines, which is important for a working trucker: For starters, truck drivers are required to go hands-free when driving as a safety precaution.You will have to face lots of issues if you think of dating a truck driver.Such problems are of very unique kinds which you can never face while dating a person of any other profession.The issues are not truly understood completely by anyone who hasn’t been in a relationship with a truck driver. But if both of you are aware that lack of time together is a real deal breaker, then you can both work toward making your partnership better, by working hard at this.A trucking job is a tough one and comes with many stresses. When you are home, be sure you have sufficient alone time together.