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The word is derived from a root referring to softness, gentleness and tenderness.

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Sure, that’s an integral part of the series since that’s what they do in real-life.

However, the undisputed ringleader was always America's largest bank, which would make sense: having a virtually unlimited balance sheet, JPM could outlast practically any margin call, and make money while its far smaller peers were closed out of trades... But while the past year revealed that FX rigging was a just as pervasive, if not even more profitable industry for banks than the great Libor-fixing scandal (for details see "How To Rig FX Like A Pro "Bandit", And Make Millions In The Process"), the conventional wisdom was that it involved almost exclusively bankers at the largest global banks including JPM, Goldman, Deutsche, Barclays, RBS, HSBC, and UBS.

As the writer of the most successful erotic novel in history, one would imagine that EL James lounges around in a kittenish silk negligee, perhaps dangling a leather bondage whip from her perfectly manicured fingers. The author of the ''mummy porn’’ book, Fifty Shades of Grey – which last week became the fastest selling adult paperback novel in history – is a middle-aged married woman living in a modest semi-detached red-brick house in a rather unfashionable area of west London.

Instead of a leopard skin-clad dominatrix, she resembles a suburban school dinner lady.

While the heroine of her book, the virginal college girl Anastasia, eventually wins her damaged Prince Charming, the rich and handsome Christian Grey, a bondage-addicted billionaire, EL James is more likely to be found in fluffy pink slippers than fluffy pink handcuffs.

The author has gained a reputation for being somewhat reclusive.

However, criticisms have also been levelled at the show due to its negative portrayal of Italian-American immigrant as bloody-thirsty, greedy thugs.

A distinct lack of representation from minority groups has also been mentioned as one of the shortfalls of the series.

You can message someone back and forth and chat with them for a few days, but then it’s really time to meet up in real life to see if there’s real life chemistry. Then you can continue the conversation via direct chat (we have a similar feature to the kind of chat they offer on Facebook) or via messaging, or even phone.

If you hit it off, ask them to meet you in real life for a coffee, or drink.

To regular devotees of the series – and I wish there were more of us out there – gay mobster Vito Spatafore’s whacking had been largely expected though when it came, it served as a bit of a shock.

To the uninitiated though, ‘The Sopranos’ is more than just mobsters trying to kill one another.