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Hello, I have a macro that runs when the user clicks on a button.

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'The following control tests if a cell is empty 'by testing the length of what may be in the cell. Text "Comment added " & Date End With Else Msg Box r Cell.Since you are using Excel 2007, this is what you do. 4) Now, at the top of the code window you will see...(General) with a drop down, and (Declarations) with a drop down.What you are trying can be solved without VBA as well. Take your pick NON VBA Select the cell where you want to apply Data Validation and then follow these steps. Value, "yyyy-mm") End If End If Next End If Letscontinue: Application. Description Resume Letscontinue End Sub thanks for all the responses, tried all of them and they all work better than expected.Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 In Action VBA I have commented the code so you will not have any problem in understanding it Date Then a Cell. Clear Contents Msg Box "Incorrect date in cell " & a Cell. i am learning more and more each day from this site and all your answers.'Therefore we use the property "Formula" 'instead of "Value". Address & " has a comment." End If Before Exit: Set r Cell = Nothing Exit Sub Error Handle: Msg Box Err.If you used "Value", 'it would say the cell is empty, even if 'it contains spaces/blanks. 'If it isn't a numeric value or an error like division 'by zero, we assume it is text of the data type String. Description & " Error in procedure Cell Check." Resume Before Exit End Sub In the examples above I have written "r Cell. Strictly speaking that is not necessary, because "Value" is a cell's default property, so I could have achieved the same just be writing "r Cell".Intersect(Target, range("C5: L14")) Is Nothing Then If range("C5: L14"). Date = " The date is formatted to "2013 Jan" on the cells.Future dates are not allowed and the user should only type in the date as "2013-01". If they type in "2013 Jan" the Conditional formatting does not pick it up.The data for D10 comes from a Data Validation drop down, if that matters. In the worksheet, range A5: A25 is fill with numbers.If you enter a numeric value in cell D10, range G5: G10 will copy what is in A5: A25.