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VIBE uses commercially available data from an independent information provider (IIP) to validate basic information about companies or organizations petitioning to employ certain foreign nationals and to validate the basic information about the companies or organizations listed on the Form I-485 Supplement J, Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under INA Section 204(j).

Currently, Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is the independent information provider for the VIBE program.

In order to provide the most affordable and fastest sales tax calculations, we opted to keep this out of our API in favor of lighter validation around states and zip codes.

When a residential and/or mailing address is entered on the Applicant page and the user clicks the Next button, an attempt is made to verify the address, through a software program that links to the USPS database.A typical address validation call might provide some incomplete information about an address.In this example below, the street is identified by a partial name, and no postal code is once in order to ensure that the address is formatted correctly for Ava Tax to calculate tax accurately.Validate a variety of addresses: your company's addresses, your customers' addresses, and your vendors' addresses.For US addresses, Easy Post provides free domestic address verification using their proprietary API.If you sign up for their shipping API, you’ll get full access with international coverage.To search for other people that are residing at an applicant's address, take the following steps: NOTE: Users should bypass the address standardization only when the United States Postal Service (USPS) does not recognize the client's address as being valid.Before bypassing the address standardization, verify the address the client has provided is correct and that the client is receiving mail at the address.When adjudicating employment-based petitions or applications, USCIS must primarily rely on paper documentation supplied by the petitioning company or organization to establish the petitioner’s eligibility for the requested classification or by the applicant to confirm a bona fide job offer or request job portability.When the paperwork does not sufficiently document the evidence required under the law, USCIS must issue a Request for Evidence (RFE) for additional documentation, delaying final adjudication of the petition or application.