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In one study conducted at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, social psychologist Jerald G. D., found that nearly 50 percent of 18-year-olds go out at least once a week, compared with only approximately 25 percent of 32-year-olds.

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Do I only respond to one letter, when I have 5 in my mailbox. (Please feel free to reverse sexes on these questions, this is not a gender specific problem. Beth Carpe Diem Well, my father use 2 say: "Have several irons in the fire! Or I can feel like, if I am dating a new man, then the others have to go (a game I watch my teenager play; if he "dates" a new girl, the old one must go.) I do not even offer as a possibility, though you have room to disagree with me, that it is either polite or prudent to tell all comers about your other dates. I'm so new to dating again I don't know what to think, other than that the world has changed so vastly since I was last in the field, so to speak, that I'm going to have to seriously look at what's going on before I speak. I find that my responses from new men come in waves, with quiet times in between. I can mention it only to the second date, if it looks like we are heading into a third (I think a third date is a milestone; again fodder for another post). Later when I found that his idea of being divorced was that he was seperated but it was temporary since he wasn't willing to give his wife any of his business I had lost out on what might have been several opportunities to meet nice men. later here I am again & I don't know how I will handle it if this happens again.I don't call those first dates dating, per se; more like an interview (MSN had an article, with the same conclusion on the same topic, just this week.) Second dates are a grey area, and third dates, I come clean. Does he mind that I am dating, and if so, what is it about our relationship that he sees happening, that exclusivity is warranted?This has happened to me twice in my VAST dating experience, this go around (three long months).I'm not opening myself to the health risks that brinks or the emotional roller coaster I would go through.... If I were extremely impatient and longing for a committed long-term relationship, however, I'd never agree to that beyond the usual beginning thing where you're just feeling each other out at first and are possibly continuing your search.I would like to think of sex like a guy does but I can't..... I mean that's pretty standard behavior for a lot of folks.. If I'm not interested in anything serious, then hey... I pretty much assume that casual IS the status of all the relationships I begin until someone pipes up and requests exclusivity anyway.I could not imagine how I could bring up the question of 'hey are you dating other people also, because I am (not)' and not sound weird, but then again it might be good to know if the two people have totally different views.And where do you draw the line anyway, what sort of behaviour is still considered acceptable for a non-exclusive date, i.e.

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Not that I am in that particular situation right now, I just wanted to know what girls think of that matter. As long as both parties are honest with themselves as well as each other, I don't see it a being a bad thing.I do love her and I've been hoping and praying she's My GF became defenseive when I asked who sent her roses on her Birthday....I have had a bit of a rocky relationship with this girl and we're giving it a second attempt after she broke off the relationship about four years GF tells me she doesn't know the name of the hotel she is staying at???How disappointed I was that noone listed their poll; perhaps you don't want to think about it; it is hard work. Someone might just read your description of what you are looking for and say, "hey, I have to meet this person.! I usually try not to state my opinion too early, because it can be a comment stopper, but here goes. I will meet whatever gentlemen I wish, within a single week. Or, if I am already dating one man, how do I react to new mail? " It means: If one of the irons seem 2 be best u can choose it. I CAN tell you that the first man I dated seemed to think that all the perks were his, and he scared the daylights out of me. (Most of the time, the men are a step ahead of me, and offer their phone number before this.) That phone call is all important; how does their voice sound, are they well spoken? If that goes well, we meet; if not neither of us has wasted a lot of precious time. Returning to the question at hand; if I am having, say, a second date from last week, and I meet two new men (clarified, euphemistically, actually on line) that ask me to go out, as well, I might be having three dates this week. (I have NOT even touched the sexual issue here; though that might be an interesting next post.) I can date all three men, and not say a thing about it to any of them. Years ago my daughter signed me up with another "dating service" and when I started seeing a man who seemed very nice I didn't persue any other emails. And I do not mess with endless emails; I do not spend endless time corresponding with someone I will never see because of the constraints of distance. I purposely did not voice my opinion in my first post, in order to allow others the freedom to voice theirs without bias. I will exchange two emails, and then suggest we move to voice (phone).I don't mean relationship-type of dating where you already know you two are great together and want to take it further; I'm talking about 'doing different things together to see how we click'.But I've come to realise that a lot of people have this concept of non-exclusive dating, where it's fine to see different people as long there's no fixed commitment, and once both people realise they like it each other very much etc they discuss this and decide to be exclusive.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...