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We’ve got this DVD launch and the final premiere coming up.

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Authenticity is the magic ingredient in your Christian Mingle profile, which is so quick and easy to create.

It offers the total picture of you - from your interests and goals to the way you approach Christianity.

We consider your individual place on “the faith spectrum.” Catholic singles, Methodist singles, Nazarene singles…

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Learn more When I started dating online a year ago, I thought that if I diversified my dating preferences, the benefits would reflect the same upside of diversification in the economy.

I would date a greater number of people, and different kinds of people. People diversify their investments to spread the risk around—if certain prospects don’t pan out, you still have other options.

‘Its early days but they’re having a great time,’ says a source.

Dream of heading out on a date with I’m A Celeb stars Jorgie Porter and Ferne Mc Cann? Well you’re in luck because they’ve all signed up for Celebs Go Dating series 2 and E4’s putting the call out for prospective love matches.But I found some surprises in my adventures in dating diversification—like in the wider economy, there are external factors that complicate the odds, and an uneven playing field that impacts the way we see our own choices.I was thinking of “diversification” quantitatively, but there are other types of branching out that would similarly improve my chances at finding what I was looking for."I have come back to the dating agency for the second time to get help from Nadia and Eden.Not one, but two of the X Factor starlets have broken up with their long-term boyfriends.This way you have the safest guaranteed return on investments. It’s hard to find “the one” that will give you a big payout, so I figured that if I dated around then on the whole I would satisfy my short-term goals—funny conversations, intellectual challenges, artistic inspirations, and sometimes free drinks—though not necessarily all from the same person.Even if I would technically be “lowering” or at least altering my existing standards, I would also be meeting a larger number of people, spinning the wheel more times for a better chance of finding someone with whom I shared that sought-after, gut-instinct chemistry.If you think you could be a love match for any of the magnificent seven then get in touch with [email protected], where a dating expert will decide if you could be compatible.And be sure to take it seriously because second-timer Joey isn’t messing around.That means you’re bound to find someone who truly gets you.Real compatibility creates real relationships, and real relationships mean long-lasting relationships.