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he’s also one of the most genuine, charming, kind, and generous souls you will ever meet.

Today Arie Scope Pictures and Zero Friends unveiled a new exclusive poster for Digging Up the Marrow, the company’s new film from writer/director Adam Green and artist Alex Pardee that explores the line between fantasy and reality with monsters.

I was inspired by Paul Pope when I read in an interview that he only uses Windsor Newton Series 7 brushes when he creates ink drawings, and so even though they were expensive and I was doubtful, I admired Paul so I took a chance on a 40 dollar brush, and since then I have never gone back and I enjoy using a brush to draw more than any pen. I’m inspired by fog because I can’t help imagine what might be roaming around in it that I will never get to see.

I’m inspired by trying new materials, especially when they alter the way I draw. I’m inspired by Owen Wilson but I have no idea why.

Filmmaker John Landis (ANIMAL HOUSE, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, TRADING PLACES) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a fascinating discussion that brings The Movie Crypt podcast across the 200 episode mark in a huge, huge way.

By horror movies from the 80’s and the creation of boogeymen and how one person can inject nightmares into someone for their whole life just by putting sharp teeth on a clown or finger-knives on a burn-victim.Well, after observing these unique little weirdos I learned a lot about their personalities, but I also discovered that there’s quite a hefty dose of magic living inside each one of these breathing totems.Sure, on the surface, throughout their frivolous adventures, you can tell that Paul is extremely timid, gentle and forgiving, and Willie is confident and charismatic, while Randolf is genuinely just a dick. And 21 years of telling me that someday he will blow me a kiss from 220,000 miles above our house. He’s just a little jaundiced from the trip and I’m just in disbelief that he’s home safe. Follow the periodic adventures of BUNNYWITH here on his own personal Instagram account @bunnywithselfies CLIENT: Personal Work Originally displayed in SPOKE ART's "Supersonic Electronic" show, Snake Eyes is a rendition of a story I wrote about an American soldier who was disfigured in a land-mine accident in Vietnam. Over the course of 12 years, Bunnywith has appeared in comic books, web comics, as plush and vinyl toys, and most recently an entire art show dedicated to him. The HOLLISTON Panel Presentation in room 24ABC (no signing- just free posters after the panel) with stars Adam Green, Oderus Urungus, Laura Ortiz, director Sean Becker, and special host Alison Haislip (THE VOICE).Note: Due to crowd control orders there will be no signing at this event, however free posters for both HOLLISTON and DIGGING UP THE MARROW will be available after the panel while supplies last. Artist Alex Pardee will be signing at the Zero Friends booth (#5502 right inside the “A” Entrance) on the convention floor, so you can also pick up this exclusive poster there as well. Every hero needs a villain)Sp'EYE'derman prints are available HERECLIENT: Personal Work Art created for an interactive art/game show called "Tu'Mor Or Not Tu'Mor? All for a 30-second spacewalk that…well…that might have… Read more about the story HEREPrints of "SNAKE EYES" are available HERE. Watch me paint this live in our Zerofriends San Francisco store HERE(Accompanying image is the "Symb'EYE'ote". HOLLISTON / HATCHET 3 / DIGGING UP THE MARROW poster signing in the autograph pavilion with Adam Green, GWAR/HOLLISTON’s Oderus Urungus, HATCHET 3’s Rileah Vanderbilt, and HOLLISTON/GUILD director Sean Becker. HOLLISTON / HATCHET 3 / DIGGING UP THE MARROW poster signing at the GEEK NATION booth on the convention floor with Adam Green, GWAR/HOLLISTON’s Oderus Urungus, and HOLLISTON’s Laura Ortiz.(The signing will take place immediately following Adam Green and Oderus Urungus’ LIVE recording of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast at the Geek Nation booth from 3-5pm.)THURSDAY pm.