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Dave Ramsey's advice on mutual funds gets a few things right but some key points terribly wrong.

Ramsey, the investment advice and financial planning guru, gives his radio show listeners and book readers sage financial planning advice in many ways but he gives some poor advice on mutual funds.

If you've been saving money, trying to get out of debt, investing in mutual funds or you just like listening to talk radio, Dave Ramsey needs no introduction. In fact, Dave deserves credit for helping me understand and enjoy personal finance, which eventually led to my career as an investment advisor.

I am now a Certified Financial Planner (TM) and I own a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm.

An ESA allows you to put ,000 a year per child until they turn 18 into an account that grows tax-free as long as it's used for educational purposes.

There is only one kind of ESA—you choose how to invest and can make changes if need be.

He was born in a place called Antioch, which lies in Tennessee of United States of America.According to some sources, he has a resounding net worth of million dollars and this proves how successful he has been.There are several wiki sites that contain information on him and his legendary biography.He is an extra ordinary talent and a great human being. He has not only been a marvelous author but also a huge motivational speaker and TV personality. He was born in the year 1960 on 3rd of September and this makes his age 54 at this time. Just a few months after being married, once we had entered that overwhelming world of budgetary purgatory, we knew we had to cut back on some expenses. Honestly, some of those things just didn’t seem as important as they once did, but there were other things that were deeply missed.We could’ve made allowances for spending more money. For my birthday last year she gave me 12 envelopes, one for each month of the coming year.He also focuses on the psychology of money; Dave knows that an investor's worst enemy is often themselves.In my experience, I know that if goals are not attainable and easy to understand, people fail early or they don't even make an attempt to reach a goal.This general respect of Dave Ramsey, combined with extensive financial services background and mutual funds expertise, makes me qualified to provide some insight into the best and worst of Dave's investment advice (although he's not licensed to sell securities and does not technically call it "advice").Dave's best value to his audience is that his message is simple, easy to understand and often entertaining.